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Auntie Nana

2010. március 4.

Auntie Nana



Auntie Nana is looking for THE FAMILY!

She is such a nice, loveable, conformable, funny, intelligent and devoted elderly lady.

She loves being with other dog buddies, loves being in the garden or in the house, loves kids and short or longer walks.

She is beautiful and active in spite of her age. She is peaceful as well and she is sexy:)

She is The Perfect Dog.

She is more than 11 years old and before we found her she had a serious accident. She can’t use one of her hind legs, she looks like a ballet dancer who always curtseys. Maybe this is the reason why nobody hasn’t fell in love with this beautiful and clever elderly lady.

She hasn’t found the perfect family or the family hasn’t found her but she is still looking for them for more than one year.

If you would like to make her life happier and want a grateful friend forever, call us on +36 30 944 2919 or send us an email to piliskutya@gmail.com.



contact: +36-30-944 29 19

E-mail: piliskutya@gmail.com