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Pilis-Budai Kutyamentők

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10701427- 49914203-51100005

About us

2011. január 4.

Pilis-Budai Kutyás Association/Society
The Association was established in October 2006. by volunteers. We rescue dogs, record lost and found dogs, help to find the old or new owner for dogs found in our area. What we have achieved in just over 3 years:
– number of dogs whose original owner we found: 94
– number of dogs who found new owners: 281
– number of dogs waiting for new owners: 37. (Jan., 2009)

Our estimated costs average approximately 100-150.000 HUF per month. The members of the association, 10 volunteers altogether, provide this amount, and we have had slight support from the population. Unfortunately, this amount of money only just covers the costs for the dogs who are in most dire need.
We do not have our own kennels! It is therefore not possible for us to take in all stray or abandoned dogs.The dogs we look after are put up in paid accommodation and kennels temporarily. We feed them, provide medical treatment and if we can’t find the original owner we willl find them a new one.
Our most important task is to find a lost dog’s original owner. But unfortunately we have experienced that there are much more homeless dogs than dogs whose owners are looking for them..
In our work we find a lot of dogs which are in mortal danger and we spend most of our time trying to save these dogs.
In this part of the world the culture of animal welfare is very low. It is common to keep dogs on short chains, there are holes in fences or the gates are opened so the dogs can roam the streets in packs. Neutered dogs or those with microchips are extremely rare. We regularly find unwanted litters in the forest, injured, old, ill, unwanted dogs just thrown away – these are our common missions.
The local areas have had great progress in the last 20 years, but the field of animal welfare is extremely neglected. It is our aim to change this and we desperately need help from the population or government. On our website we record lost and found dogs and we give advice regarding animal welfare in a wide range. Every visitor is welcome.
You can help in many areas:

– internet work at home,
– help paying some of our bills,
– walking the dogs, transporting them
– arranging programmes
– financial aid.
We are desperately looking for families or individuals who, after the dog had their medical check, are willing to foster a dog temporarily until we find the original owner or a new home for the dog.

If you are interested in supporting us or to become a member of our team, please call us or send an e-mail or fill the form “Te is segíthetsz/You can help too” on our website.